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A Look At Swaziland Pride.

A Look At Swaziland Pride.

The theme for Pride was "Turn Hate into Love".


This past weekend (30 June) I had the pleasure and honor of attending the first ever Swaziland Gay Pride at the Prince of Wales Stadium in Mbabane. Prior to the march there were a lot of warnings on safety as Swaziland has not decriminalized homosexuality and that was one of my biggest concerns.


Upon arrival in Swaziland (after spending hours at the border) we went straight to our Airbnb which was on a mountain with spectacular views of the city. The same evening we went out to a lounge called Solani's where we partied the night away with locals. One thing I noted about the local people was how they kept to themselves but obviously like most people from African countries they couldn't resist the urge to stare. It was mostly stares of fascination rather than disgust which is what I am used to in South Africa. After speaking to locals about the attitudes in the country (as I was just a visitor) one thing they all agreed to was that the youth is open-minded and it is mostly the older generation that still has issues with homosexuality.


This statement got me thinking of how lawmakers are older people who are at times disconnected from the youth. Some of these lawmakers are still stuck with the attitudes they had in the 80s when LGBTI+ rights were just a myth. We don't even see younger people in policymaking positions or decision-making processes. Anyway, that's a story for another day where we'll discuss why older people are still making decisions for people they're going to leave on this earth.

Please take some time to enjoy these snaps I took at Pride. 

All in all, it was a successful day and I look forward to #eSwatiniPride2019. 


P.S: Check my IG page for more pictures from the weekend. 

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