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Survival Guide To AfroPunkFest JHB

Survival Guide To AfroPunkFest JHB

You've just landed in Johannesburg, you're either drunk or jet-lagged from your flight in and you're contemplating your next move. 


In this post I will be giving you tips to survive in Johannesburg during AfroPunk and I am sure you've already read from the tons of websites that Johannesburg is a very dangerous city?! Don't let them scare you, Johannesburg is a fun & beautiful city. Like with every city in the world you just need to be cautious and vigilant. 


1. Download Taxify

The first thing you want to do is download Taxify and use P68EX to get a free ride to the value of R150. Taxify is Johannesburg's number 1 taxi ride sharing service and will definitely ensure you get to the festival promptly.  



2. Where to locate threads. 

Next, you're probably thinking OUTFIT? Besides going to the malls, there are some dope places to go thrifting. One of my fave places to go to is Tickle Your Vintage in Jeppestown, they have a stunning selection of clothing to choose from or one can simply troll the streets of Braamfontein where there's a huge offering of thrift stores. 


3. Have A Black Label

Speaking of Braamfontein, whilst you're there you might want to grab an ice cold Black Label or Zamalek or Black Juice at one of the chill out spots in the vicinity. Black Label is the beer of choice when you're here, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, just be prepared for a hangover from hell the next day. Oh and now it comes in a 1 litre! 



4. Watch King Tha

When at the festival, there's one artist you CANNOT miss and that is King Tha. How do I even begin to describe King Tha?? There are no words to describe her besides JUST WATCH AND HEAR THE GREATNESS FOR YOURSELF. During AfroPunk she will performing alongside BLK JKS which is rockband from Johannesburg, so expect an AMAZING collabo. 

5. Meet Mary Jane with a local. 

Joburgers have a healthy relationship with mary jane, accessing dank is not difficult at all. South Africa in fact has an annual percentage of around 4.2% in terms of dank consumption, put against other countries like the USA where its annual consumption is at 16,2% this is quite a high number. Speak to any local to hook you up, look at paying anything from R50 to R200 on banky depending on the strain you get. 

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